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Dude, what… This is the most adorable thing in the world.

I’m obsessed with this story.

And this is why love is worth it. Sometimes bad things happen but love finds a way.

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The prisoner defiantly stares down Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s right-hand-man, who was responsible for the Holocaust. Greasley’s confrontation with Himmler took place during an inspection of the camp he was confined to. The inmates were ordered to remain seated, but Greasley refused. Horace Greasley also escaped the death camp, but sneaked back in to rescue a German woman whom he had fallen in love with.

this is amazing

Wait it gets better, he escaped from the camp 200 times to meet with the woman he was in love with and returned after every time because there was no other place to go to. He also wrote an autobiography omfg this dude is seriously awesome

why hasnt this got more notes, seriously this guy was in a concerntration camp and all you guys reblog is fluffy chickens

I dont give a fuck what kind of blog i have this will always be in my blog and I better find on my dash again …. This should be the most famous pic on tumblr not a picture of a model… THIS !!!

This is my favourite



Military Families {My favourite homecomings} part 1 (por TheUSAdreamer)

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being a military significant other,
saying goodbye every time you get used to “normal life” again,
sweet kisses & “i promise i’m coming home to you.”
i love you more than words can explain,
& i miss you every night we are parted.
painful goodbyes,
met with beautiful, unforgettable hello’s
phone calls and knowing he’s safe,
pixels of a person over skype
& counting down the days until you are together again for good
precious promises;
“i’ll be waiting, just like i promised.”
& the strongest & most precious love one could ever experience.


My love bug & I<3

this is so cute